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Angel City Lightning

by Casey4Music | Retro Music Specialists

War Is Over

by Casey4Music | Retro Music Specialists

Rocket Queen

by Casey4Music | Retro Music Specialists

Living Dead

by Casey4Music | Retro Music Specialists

My name is Casey, my life is music. My passion is to create or find the masterpiece you are searching for… check out our vast music library at Vision1Music and send a message if I can be of help.

Music credits include:

Television Shows • Network Commercials • Movies

NCIS, Dancing With The Stars, Big Bang Theory, Survivor, Big Brother, American Idol, NCIS Los Angeles, and Once Upon a Time.
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Dark and powerful street style Hip Hop song about the hard life and staying out of prison.

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You will get the perfect music composition finished and mastered to suit your needs. Casey4Music is just you and I, and I absolutely guarantee my work. If you like my work and need music, just send a message via the form or call me 818-448-8594. Thank you, Casey

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