Emotions – Driving , melodic 80s style rock song about a love worth fighting for.
With powerful rock guitars and big harmonies. This song will give you big hair!

Dangerous – Fast pace, intense action piece. Nine inch Nails meets James Bond.
Power packed with intense rock guitars intermixed with EDM elements.

Desire – Indie Pop/Rock style song with atmospheric intro and pledging male vocals leads to an uplifting groove with huge guitars and shimmering synths.

Edgy – Cool driving indie rock song. Gritty and energetic, featuring raunchy female vocals and electric guitar that create a thrilling mood.

Fun – Cool dance groove song, with a driving beat, featuring huge marching band and male vocals with a Bruno Mars feel. Gonna make you tap your feet!

Mighty – Epic, moving orchestral piece, that builds to a huge crescendo backed by a powerful choir! Evoking emotion and passion!

Misunderstood – Beautiful orchestral piece with sweeping strings and deep hearted melodies. Perfect for a heartwarming love scene or heroic scene. Can you visualize it?

Streets – Dark and powerful street style Hip Hop song about the hard life and staying out of prison.

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